We are specialists in making sandals, slides, and thongs.


We create experiences and authentic connections with the young people through the youth lifestyle and streetwear. We are influenced by art, design, music, esports and innovations.


Lead and democratize the youth lifestyle through our products and brand experiences

Rider products are 100% recyclable–all the materials that compose our products are 100% recyclable. Each one of them has its own recyclability characteristics. Products are not only recyclable, but they are also non-toxic. Grendene does not use dangerous or allergic substances in its composition. Another advantage of product recyclability is that the process of recycling does not require the addition of chemicals.

Rider in the Philippines

Rider is sold over 120,000 points of sales around the world and present in more than 100 countries. In the Philippines, it is exclusively distributed by ELRO Retail Corporation and found in retail outlets and major department stores across the country.

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